Precision of the RTC technical documentation

During a tax audit, when a company submits to the Administration several groups of projects divided into several sub-projects, batches and research topics, the Administration is entitled to control the eligibility of research expenses of each division without being limited to a global analysis of the main projects.

In the case at hand, the tasks performed within the sub-projects addressed different objectives, and each project involved spe-cific technological locks that were dealt with separately by the company.

Thomas Perrin

Thomas Perrin, Partner, specializes in international tax. He has been involved in many transactions for international French and foreign groups. In 2004, he created the R&D department as well as […]

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Lucille has more than 14 years’ experience in tax law. She is a member of the corporate tax department since 2002 and joined the R&D group in 2004. She has […]

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Pierre Hardoin

Software and industrial engineer, working on R&D incentives such as tax credit for software or industrial R&D clients.